The Hidden Culture in Bangkok Soi's

In Bangkok, the question is not where do you live, but more specifically, which Soi do you live in? Because in the ever expansiveness of modern Bangkok, Soi, meaning alley or small lane in Thai, remains the source of vitality where the energy springs forth onto the streets and spills over into the networks of main roads that make up this exciting capital.

Most Bankokians have their homes in the million Soi's and sub-Soi's forking out from the streets in every direction, and what's most cherished about Soi life is the intimacy that comes with an old-fashioned neighborhood where everybody knowns each other by his first name.
In areas like Yaowarat or Pahurat, the twisting-and-turning Soi's form fascinating cobwebs of narrow lanes, hidden courtyards, secret eateries and back-door marketplaces where the rhythm of life pulses with joy and dynamism. Major thoroughfares like Sukhumvit would become soulless in the absence of the collective enthusiasm discharged from the hundred Soi's branching out from it – a river of life that would run dry without the feeding tributaries.

So don't be afraid to zig-zag into those Soi's and get completely lost. They're ancient structures, but still they're one of the coolest places in the 21st-century Bangkok.
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